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Company History


Mission Statement
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Company History

  • DASNet Systems has been servicing Southeast Florida tri-county area since 1997 serving Small Businesses along with some Medium National Accounts. We are a Complete Solution Provider; from Sales and Service of most Computer equipment and Software to Design and Implementation of Networks. We service the many different vertical markets but with a focus on the Small Business market.
  • With over 30 years of experience in the Computer Industry, DASNet was establishment with a mission in mind, to provide complete solutions for the Small Business or SOHO sector including Consulting, Sales, Service, Support, Supplies, Maintenance, Premise Wiring, Programming, Web Design and SB Accounting.
  • As our expertise and our clientele grew in this area, and reputation for service and performance became known, our clients began to ask us to provide other technology-based solutions for them. We addressed those needs and today we have become a full-service supplier of Computer Supplies and Computer / Network solutions. We represent almost all major brands of computers, software, hardware, and peripherals. This has resulted in our growth doubling in the last year.
  • DASNet expects to enhance our growth in the coming years. We are presently working on specialized projects for voice recognition, EDI, Web Page development, and much more. As always we will continue to provide our clients with the very best service in terms of systems planning, installation, and post-installation service. We look forward to providing solutions for you and your organization in the future.

Mission Statement

"We will be best measured only by the happiness of our customers"
  • Customer
    DASNet Systems' customer is the center of our Universe. We will deliver the best customer service to each customer. We will pursue each solution relentlessly until we exceed our customer's expectations.
  • Technology
    We will offer the best solutions to our customers. We will provide powerful solutions through quality products, exceptional employees, and reliable service. We will individually test and double-check each order to ensure quality.
  • Employees
    We will continue to grow by our employees' growth. We will enable our employees to be the best through education and training. We will provide them a healthy and productive environment through which they can achieve their goals.
  • Profitability
    We will remain financially sound. We will affiliate ourselves with the best financial partners and manufacturers. We will maintain the best internal policies and procedures.

Network Consultant and Services Provider

Designing and Supporting Servers, Networks and their Security. Provide Hardware and Software Solutions for the SMB and MID size businesses...

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